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Exciting new look. Same great products.

We’ve recently updated our look and renamed each product, but our high-performance formula hasn’t changed — meaning the end result hasn’t changed either. The columns below show our transformation with old packaging on the left and new packaging on the right.


Is the new packaging already out?

A: Yes! It launched in October 2018, and shipments with the new packaging began arriving in December. This transition has been a “rolling change,” so the old packaging will be phasing out soon.

Q: Can I specify new packaging?

A: With this being a rolling change, the new packaging will only be available once the old packaging runs out.

Q: Now that the new packaging has rolled out, is everything new?

A: Not necessarily. There’s a chance you could receive new packaging from a plant, but still receive old packaging from a forward warehouse.

Q: Have the SKUs and UPCs changed?

A: No. All identifying numbers are the same — only the look and names have changed.

Q: Are the new marketing materials available?

A: Yes! Contact your sales representative to request them.

Q: Does the new look impact the overall price?

A: No. Costs are the same.

Will the change affect how long it takes for me to get the product, and will I receive it in the same way?

A: Because this is a rolling change, you will start seeing the new look once the old look is phased out. This does not affect how the product is delivered or received.

Q: Now that the brand name and product names have changed, have the formulas changed as well?

A: No. Only the product names and packaging have changed, while our high-performance formulas and reliable products have remained the same.

Q: If the formulas are all the same, why change the look?

A: Our new, simplified design is easier to read, and each package comes with unique indicators showcasing benefits, highlighting performance characteristics, and calling out usage instructions.

Q: Why change the product names?

A: We’ve streamlined the product names by eliminating number conventions, making each one more concise.

Q: What sizes are available in the new packaging?

A: Visit our Products page for available sizes and options.